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    • 22 NOV 17

    Double Chins Don’t Discriminate!

    Even though surgical procedures have been used to eliminate unwanted fat under the chin, there are other non surgical options that have recently become popular for reducing submental fullness also known as a double chin.  Kybella and Coolsculpting are two recommended procedures.  These two methods give patients non-surgical options for treating the double chin.

    Double Chin Before and After Kybella Treatment

    What is Kybella?

    Kybella is an FDA approved injectable for eliminating excess fat under the chin. It works by rapidly absorbing and eliminating fat cells and slowing down fat accumulation.  The body utilizes its own metabolic processes to clear the destroyed fat and keep the other cells and tissue intact.  Kybella is the brand name for Deoxycholic acid and it is a natural chemical present in the body used for breaking down and absorption of fat cells. A Kybella injection latches onto unwanted fat tissue in the body thereby destroying the cell and dissolving outer cellular membrane. The fat cells discharge their contents into the body where they are finally burnt off and metabolized.

    How Is the Kybella Treatment Performed?

    You might be required to receive series of injections around your chin during Kybella session. Treatment of fat beneath your chin requires only 1-3 vials but can be more in certain scenarios. Kybella sessions only take about 10-20 minutes.  After injecting Kybella, it has to be metabolized by your body, typically taking a few weeks before the fat melt will become noticeable. Some patients might experience a 50 percent reduction in fat after undergoing just two sessions and a reduction of 70 percent after four sessions. After completing six sessions, the excess fat around their jaw often is completely eliminated thereby giving them a stronger and younger appearance.

    What is Coolsculpting CoolMini?

    The FDA has recently approved the usage of Coolsculpting for smaller treatment of the body, especially for regions such as under the chin. CoolMini is the applicator that allows patients to eliminate their double chins. It is a body contouring treatment that doesn’t require any surgical operation or injetions for the removal of unwanted fat cells. It involves the use of a non-invasive applicator to induce controlled cooling of the skin surface with the aim of freezing and destroying unwanted fat cells. Unwanted fat cells are eliminated from the body through metabolic means.

    How is the Coolsculpting Treatment Performed?

    CoolMini is an approved Coolsculpting applicator that is used to eliminate contour under the chin. There are no known long-lasting side effects attached to Coolsculpting. The cooling device is placed under your chin and kept firm with a strap around your head. The cooling process commences once the device is activated by the clinician. The cool temperature is only noticeable within the first few minutes and is more comfortable for the remainder of the session. The Coolsculpting treatment lasts about 45 minutes and most patients can read or watch movies until the specialist returns.

    Your specialist will carefully massage the skin under your chin to ensure that the treatment is complete. It might take more than one treatment sessions to completely eliminate the unwanted fat but signs will become noticeable after the first session.

    The cost of Kybella or Coolscupting sessions are similar and is dependent on the total number of sessions your individual treatment plans and goals require. The benefits of Kybella and Coolsculpting treatments may not be equal in all patients as it is dependent on the size of the neck jaw and the section that needs to be treated.

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